Top benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

benefits of yoga during pregnancy
yoga during pregnancy

Today we have brought you with benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Yoga has been practiced in the East for thousands of years. Known for its ability to strengthen women’s social, physical, and mental health, it has become a complementary prenatal practice among pregnant women in the West.

Yoga has been found to help with emotional regulation, empowerment to make decisions, developing strong connections with others, and allowing women to accept and appreciate themselves and their life experiences. Additionally, pregnant women and women with psychological distress may be drawn to prenatal yoga over other group classes offered during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a condition in which women experience different physiological changes and stresses and is accompanied by unique physical and psychological demands. There is a need to manage the various physical, emotional, mental and pain states that arise throughout the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. The mother’s well-being and quality of life are essential for optimal pregnancy outcomes. Self-calming techniques, psychoeducation, and relaxation are particularly important at this transitional and significant time.

Maternal stress and anxiety during pregnancy is associated with a number of negative consequences for the fetus and subsequent development. For example, fetal exposure to maternal stress and stress-related peptides is a risk factor for adverse outcomes in fetal, infant, and child nervous system programming and brain morphology. Early exposure to gestational stress is associated with negative outcomes at different stages of development, slower maturational and behavioral response patterns in fetuses, alterations in neonatal stress regulation and behavioral reactions to stress, blunted cognitive functions and emotional and behavioral problems in infants and young children, and shrunken brain. volume in areas associated with cognitive function in children.

Benefits of yoga in pregnant women

Several studies have shown and concluded, that yoga in pregnant women has several benefits, especially at the psychosocial level. The benefits that we are going to comment on below have been obtained by the 15 participants of the aforementioned study and these benefits stand out.

  1. RelaxationThe different yoga participants interviewed stated that the sessions helped them feel better psychologically. When asked to describe this feeling after a session, participants reported feeling relaxed, including positive emotional responses and physical body responses.
  2. Opportunity to bond with your unborn baby: 12 of 15 (80%) yoga participants agreed that Yoga sessions helped them feel connected to their baby.
  3. Childbirth BenefitsThey reported feeling more prepared for childbirth and parenthood. They also found that yoga training gave them the opportunity to learn positions and breathing techniques in preparation for childbirth, including rehearsing specific exercises. Many said that yoga training gave them insight into the ability to be calm during labor.
  4. New social opportunities and connections: Yoga participants’ social connection extended with their peers over the duration of the Yoga sessions. The opportunity to make real social connections and friendships was seen as nearly as important as the perceived benefits of yoga for their work. Seven of the 15 (46.7%) yoga participants interviewed described positive changes in their connections with other young women.
benefits of Yoga during pregnancy
Yoga during pregnancy

What are the keys to practicing it safely?

Although yoga is not as intense as strength training , going for a run, etc., the fact of pregnancy means that we have to be more careful when doing any type of sports activity, so here we leave you the keys more important

  1. Consult your doctorBefore doing any type of physical activity, it is important to consult a gynecologist in case there is any type of inconvenience. In case the doctor gives the go-ahead, we can proceed with the following
  2. Work alongside a professional: Working alongside a professional will help you improve postures, tell you which ones are convenient to do and which ones are not and, above all, help you psychologically to be calm that the exercise you are doing, It will bring you the benefits that we have previously mentioned.
  3. Stay hydrated: Hydration is very important in any type of person, but even more so in pregnant women. In hot weather, it is normal to perspire more, so it is always advisable to have a bottle of water next to you in case you feel thirsty.
  4. Buy quality materials: It is very important that there is a feeling of comfort when choosing materials for the sports practice that we are doing, so we leave you a link so that you can start practicing this sport from 0 without problem.


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