Seven best body spray creams to keep skin hydrated easily and quickly

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A foresighted girl is worth two and this premise for me, as a lazy declared when it comes to applying body spray creams products, is something to always keep in mind. When looking for body creams, I always made sure that they are quick and effective to apply. Let me explain, that they do not take long to apply and absorb quickly, allowing me to get dressed without having to wait or notice sticky sensation.

To these characteristics, I have to add the fact that they have high moisturizing power due to my dry skin with a tendency to flake. And also, if they have a calming action, better than better, because I have skin prone to react and be sensitive. So, the filters that a body cream has to go through to be on my favorites list are many.

For some time now, my essentials are the spray formats that, if you have never tried them, are perfect for the rush. With them I can apply the body moisturizer in a few seconds and I have no excuse to maintain daily skin care. Everything easily and without complications.

This format works very well for me in order to be constant and these seven body spray creams that I share today have convinced me.

To use them, you just have to steam them about eight inches apart, spread them a little with a quick massage and wait a minute for them to be absorbed or dry with gentle touches.

Eucerin Aquaphor Body Spray Ointment


Eucerin’s new repair spray ointment repairs, hydrates, soothes and protects dry and damaged skin. With it, the skin becomes less irritated (if it is) immediately. It is enriched with glycerin and panthenol to help maintain moisture levels and promote regeneration and repair. And it has no preservatives or fragrances.

Buy Eucerin Aquaphor Body Spray Ointment at $13.59

Selvert Thermal body spray AQUAFRESH

Selvert thermal- body spray creams

Selvert Thermal’s body emulsion in spray format leaves skin velvety and hydrated throughout the day . It has a fresh texture and a very appetizing soft perfume.

Selvert Thermal body spray AQUAFRESH 25.65

Uriage Xemose SOS Anti-itch Mist

Uriage xemose

A light mist that instantly soothes and deeply nourishes thanks to its percentage of shea butter and illipé oil. It is quickly absorbed and with it, the skin is soft. Contains no perfume.

Uriage Xemose SOS Anti-itch Mist $35.00

Bioderma body spray Adoderm SOS


Focused on the relief of itching (punctual and chronic) , this Bioderma spray provides a feeling of freshness. Contains ambora and green tea extracts, combined with a soothing active ingredient. In addition to vitamin B3 to strengthen the skin barrier. Protects even the driest skin. It is also suitable for the face.

Bioderma body spray Adoderm SOS $12.90

Babé Laboratories Soothing Repair Spray


Especially good used as an after-sun due to its antioxidant action, Babé’s repair spray soothes, repairs, hydrates, refreshes and cares for the skin. It contains oils of only vegetable origin and leaves the skin supple and soft. In addition to the body, it can be used on the face first by spraying a small amount on the hand.

Babé Laboratories Soothing Repair Spray on Amazon $32.50

Biotherm body mist in Julia Perfumery

Biotherm: body spray creams

With citrus essences and the power of Life Plankton that Biotherm uses in its products, the hydrating body lotion is very light but hydrates and helps regeneration. The finish stands out for its freshness. And it contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Buy Biotherm body mist at $29.22

Body lotion spray with coconut oil from Dove

Dove: body spray creams

With coconut oil and almond milk, Dove’s lotion is inspired by the rituals of the women of India. It is not greasy and hydrates in depth. Its pleasant fragrance stands out .

Body lotion spray with coconut oil from Dove at $23.99

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