Most Effective Ways For Proper Female Condom Use

Though the female condom use is not so popular; one should be aware of this type of condoms. Sometimes due to ignorance, other times due to laziness, many because it is much easier and more familiar to use the male condom. The fact is that the female condom continues to be used much less than the same contraceptive system for men. Part of the cause may be that he is talked about less or that he seems much more bulky than the other.

Some other causes may be that they are more difficult to obtain or that the price is considerably higher than that of the male condom – about less than $10 for five condoms-. However, making more use of this condom could give women some autonomy over our sexuality and safety. Therefore, it is important that we know what the female condom consists of, how it is used , how it is put on and the advantages it has.

Characteristics of the female condom

condoms for female use
Female Condom

As in the case of the male condom, the female condom use helps protect against both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, it is a kind of cover made with nitrile or polyurethane and transparent in color. The condom contains two flexible rings, each one end of it.

One of these rings is closed and is, therefore, the one that would have to be placed inside the vagina, while the other ring is open. This goes outside the vagina and has to remain throughout sexual intercourse on the outside. The particular thing about this is that thanks to the fact that it remains outside it manages to cover the external part of the female genitalia, offering more protection against STDs. Unlike the male condom, which we can buy in many places, the female condom can be bought mainly in pharmacies without a prescription.

Advantages of the female condom use

Despite being less known, somewhat more difficult to find and slightly more expensive, the reality is that this condom has a number of advantages over the male condom . This is important that we take it into account when deciding on one or the other.

To begin with, this condom is not made with latex, which means that it can be used by those who have an allergy to this material. Nor does it usually create irritations, or other problems that the use of latex can present. Another advantage it has is that it can be placed up to eight hours before sexual intercourse. This helps to be used throughout sexual intercourse, increasing its effectiveness and increase time of intercourse.

On the other hand, it is more resistant than the latex condom and it is not necessary to remove it as soon as we finish sexual intercourse. Also, many of them do not have any kind of odor, which can be comfortable for those who find the smell of latex uncomfortable. The existence of this condom makes it easier for women to have control of our sexuality and control to have sex safely.

Side Effects or Disadvantages of using female condoms

Female condoms are sometimes not easy to use as male condoms. Some Female feels different irritation on their vagina, vulva and penis while having sexual intercourse. The main problem for this reason is due to friction. This can be minimized by applying lubricants. Lubicon can increase sexual pleasure while using these condoms. Usually Females hates using these type of condoms. They want their male partner use male condoms for extra pleasure.

How to use and put on the female condom

Female Condoms use
Condoms for Female

In the case of female condoms, the manufacturer will indicate a series of steps that we must follow for their placement and the ideal is that we follow them. In any case, regardless of the brands, all of them have specific steps to follow. Some of these steps are quite similar to those that we must carry out with the male condom. Female condom use is easier than we think if used properly.

The first thing is to open the package carefully, as we do with male condoms. For this we must avoid using the teeth and be careful with the nails. Subsequently, we must squeeze the ring closed, so that it is narrow and thin and proceed to insert it into the vagina. Ideally, we do it in a position similar to the one we use to put on tampons or menstrual cup. In this way we will ensure that it is comfortable to do and that it is well placed.

With a finger we can push the condom, so that we make sure that it is well placed and deep enough. Subsequently, the open ring must be placed on the outside of the vagina, covering the genitals. To remove it after sexual intercourse, just close the outer ring and twist it several times. Then we will pull gently and the condom should come out without major problem. One thing we must bear in mind is that a female and male condom cannot be used at the same time.


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