Five best glutes exercises to do at home with mini-bands

glute exercise with ribbon

We have some best glutes exercises that can be done at home. Good glute development is the icing on the cake of a well-worked lower body. But the approach that is usually made at the level of training of this muscle group is wrong, since either a lot of resources are allocated to the practice of squats, lunges and deadlifts or to a myriad of bombastic exercises with body weight incapable of assuming a real encouragement.

In these last months confined and training at home, we have learned a lot from training with unusual implements such as elastic bands or mini-bands. That is why in this article we want to explain five best glutes exercises with mini-bands that will be great for finishing off a good workout for this muscle group.

Best glutes exercises

Band side walks

One of the most common mistakes when performing band side walks is placing the band on the ankles or knees.

To produce a good activation of the gluteus medius and not so much of the tensor fascia lata, it is advisable to place the band on the metatarsals, that is, almost on the tip of the feet. This will require more work on our gluteus medius to resist adduction and internal rotation of our leg.

Monster’s walks

The monster walk is an exercise very similar to the previous one and in fact they are often confused.

This time, the movement is not lateral, but forward and backward. We can place the rubber on the knees, as in the video, on the ankles or on the tip of the feet or even in all three places at the same time to increase the intensity of the exercise.


The clamshell is an exercise that combines both an abduction and an external hip rotation. The main portion of the gluteus is the gluteus medius, as before.

It can be done in various ways, either with the torso resting on the ground or while executing a side plank, even if the knees are resting on the ground.

From there, all we have to do is separate the knee from the upper leg thus creating a greater tension on the rubber. The feet never separate, and we never lose all the tension generated in the rubber.

Glute bridge with miniband

This exercise is probably one of the best known since it is still a glute bridge to which we add the abduction component with the miniband.

During the exercise we not only dedicate ourselves to extending the hips, but also to performing a pelvic retroversion (directing the pubis to the ceiling) and maintaining a constant distance between knee and knee, although the rubber makes it difficult for us.

Sitting abductions with miniband

Finally, an abduction and external rotation exercise like the clamshell, but in a sitting position, that is, sitting.

Try to perform the movement in a controlled way, being explosive when opening but slowly resisting the tension of the rubber when closing.

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