5 best Dumbbell Arm Exercises to strengthen triceps brachii muscle

Dumbbell Arm Exercises
Dumbbell Arm Exercises

Dumbbell arm exercises, understood by arms biceps and triceps, can be more varied and heterogeneous than what we usually tend to do.

In other words, there are many nuances that we can take into account when selecting our exercises for triceps and biceps, beyond limiting ourselves to doing exercises that simply flex or extend the elbow.

In this article, we explain five unusual triceps and biceps exercises to consider when building big, strong arms.

JM Press

The JM press is a dumbbell press variant focused on the triceps. The key to achieving this is to increase the distance between the wrist, where the weight of the dumbbells acts, and the elbows, where our triceps act at the joint level. 

The movement begins with aligned wrists and elbows but as we perform the movement, the wrists are oriented towards our face, thus increasing the distance between them and the elbow, which causes a large lever arm that our triceps must counteract to return to extend the same. 

Rolling extensions

The premise of the rolling extensions is similar to that of the JM press: increase the lever arm on our elbows. However, this exercise also seeks to extend the elbow by performing a previous shoulder flexion, which ensures a complete stretch of the long head of the triceps. 

Be that as it may, be sure to emphasize the eccentric phase of the movement to feel a good stretch, which is definitely the most interesting part of the exercise. 

Tate press

This exercise takes its name from its creator and diffuser Dave Tate, a well-known and reputed powerlifter and trainer in the world of strength. 

The mechanics of this exercise are very similar to that of a French press or skull crusher, but with the elbows pointing outward. This nuance allows for a movement of this type without the typical discomfort that can be experienced in the elbow when doing the French press. 

Important: leave a small gap between the dumbbell and the dumbbell. that is, don’t let them rub against each other. 

Shoulder Extension Pulley Bicep Curl

When selecting exercises for our biceps we can take into account two categories: those that are performed with the shoulder flexed or extended.

In this case we have an exercise that develops an elbow flexion while the shoulders are extended, that is, with the elbows behind our torso.

This type of exercise stimulates the long head of the biceps to a greater extent as it is more stretched.

Spider curl

Finally we have the spider curl, a bicep exercise that follows the opposite premise to the previous one, that is, the elbows are slightly flexed or in other words, the elbows are slightly ahead of our body. 

These types of slightly flexed shoulder curls further stimulate the short head of the biceps. 

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