Best sports for kids to play with adults

We have some of the best sports for kids that can be played with adults. With the arrival of summer the school year ends and with it the youngest of the house finish classes and it is necessary that they be active at this time of year. Sports practice is a good alternative, and that is why at xHealthtips we want to give you some options to practice sports with children in summer.

This time of year is a time when children have a lot of free time, and we should keep them entertained. One of the best ways to achieve this is through sports and physical activity, which will come in handy to achieve perfect development and good physical shape.

But nothing will do to keep the little ones busy. It is necessary that in addition to playing sports, they feel happy and entertained with the activity that they are going to carry out. For this reason, all activities mix fun with physical exercise.

Keeping the little ones active in summer will help us to accelerate their metabolism and instill in them sport as a way of life

For this reason we want to stop at 5 activities that will help us to have an idea of ​​what we can do with our children on vacation. Although first of all, we are going to review some of the benefits of sports practice in children.

  • We will keep them active and entertained, something suitable for the little ones in the house.
  • We will be able to activate the metabolism of the little ones, which will help them improve the general state of their organism, and more in times of growth.
  • Exercise will stimulate muscle and bone development at a critical time for children’s development. For this reason, exercise will help to achieve better development in these growth stages.
  • Sport helps children to control their body and learn to handle each of the parts.
  • It is a good way to socialize when it is done in a group, but in the case of doing it alone, it is also a good way to learn to interact with the environment and know how to listen to the organism so that it acts.

Seen some of the benefits that sport will apply to our body. It is necessary that we stop at the different activities that we are going to be able to do this summer with our children, so that they remain more active.

Water activities with children

Best sports for kids, water sports
Water sports

First of all we are going to stop at the water activities typical of this time of year. Swimming, surfing, paddlesurfing … are some of those that we can practice with the little ones in summer.

All these activities will put us in contact with the aquatic environment, which is very good because it puts all parts of the body to work. Let’s not forget that water offers added resistance to sport. This is a good way to hit your muscles a lot more. In addition, by performing the activity in the water, the impact and risk of injury is minimized.Water is a medium that provides resistance and improves muscle activity, in addition to representing a minimal risk to joints and muscles

To all this we must add that water is a medium in which we will better cope with high temperatures and that will serve to cool us while we are in contact with our children. All water activities should be something fun and that is why it is good that before starting to practice them in open water, we do it on the shore of the beach so that the children can better control them and we can take another step.

Activities on the beach sand

Sports for kids
Activities on sand

As a second alternative we are going to stop at the activities that can be complementary to the aquatic ones. These are those that are performed in the sand on the beach, such as paddles or volleyball. All these activities are simple to perform and seek to achieve greater control of the body by the little ones.

Any activity that children do on the sand will have a greater impact on the muscles of the legs, since the sand is an added resistance that will make the muscles have to work more. All this will increase the metabolic activity of children and with it their caloric consumption.

The sand on the beach represents an extra resistance for the legs, so the performance of the exercise will be more effective

Activities in the sand are very simple, since children do not have to learn or practice them, as they develop in a simple and non-hostile environment, such as water. Therefore, for the less advanced or those who do not know how to function in the water, they are suitable activities that they can do while we are on vacation.

Hiking with children


Hiking is another activity that the smallest of the house can do on vacation and we with it, as they are activities for the whole family. It is also one of the best ways to get in direct contact with nature. Children will learn to guide themselves in a natural environment and to better understand a place that is not the usual one and that has nothing to do with it.

Hiking is an easy and simple activity that we can all do, since the routes are marked in advance. These routes usually have different levels, so we can choose the distance and difficulty depending on the age of our children. Along with this, we can choose an infinity of settings and places, which to visit and with which to enjoy.

Hiking is an activity that we can all carry out, so it is a good way to practice outdoor sports with the family

Let’s not forget that hiking is about walking and activating the lower body. Walking is a good way to get your metabolism going and burn more calories. In addition, by doing it in nature, the fun will be greater and the feeling of exercising will diminish, which will make it a welcome activity for any child.

Bicycle with children


As a fourth alternative we are going to stop on the bike. As with hiking, cycling allows us to share a sporting and recreational activity with our children, since it is suitable for all types of people and ages. In addition, it is a good way to move in summer and discover new places and places.

The bicycle puts all the muscles of the lower body to work, activates the core and also affects the muscles of the upper body. This will make it a complete activity for any type of person. In the case of boys, it will increase their endurance and improve their muscle tone.

The bicycle is perfect to work the body, while we get the little ones to entertain themselves and travel on vacation

Let’s not forget that it is a fun and attractive activity for the little ones, since the bicycle is a means of transport that they will love and that can make it one of the favourite entertainment in summer. That is why it is good that we dust off the bikes and plan some routes to spend more time with our children.

Games and ginkanas for the little ones in the house

Games and ginkanas
Games and ginkanas

Fifth, we are going to stop at developing game-like tests for our children. Ginkanas are a great way to keep them active on vacation while having fun. We can devise them and our children can enjoy them, being an activity that mixes sport with intellectual development.

The ginkanas are based on a series of tests that children must fulfill, as if it were a game. Each test can be devised in advance, and can be based on searches for objects in the park, development tests, agility… It will be a kind of marathon for children.

Developing physical and intellectual tests will help entertain our children and get them to stay active outdoors when they are on vacation

These types of activities will help us to stimulate the intellect of our children, in addition to making them stay active on vacation. They will serve to train your teamwork, your speed and your endurance. In addition to helping them focus their attention on an activity.

These five examples are just a sample of some activities that we can do on vacation with our children. The good thing is that we are able to devise activities so that the little ones can enjoy an active summer and do not sit at home doing nothing.


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