5 tips to increase sex pleasure daily for women

increase sex pleasure in bed

Thanks to products such as clitoral suckers, there has been a lot of talk in recent years about female pleasure and orgasm, a taboo subject until not so long ago. And although many false myths still lurk around him, there is more and more knowledge that sheds light
We women have decided to speak up and take control of our pleasure, and with this guide you can get the most out of your own body and achieve even more powerful orgasms, either alone with company.

We have some 5 tips to increase sex pleasure and increase sex pleasure time for women with or without active partner. Apply these simple methods to get pleasure for maximum.

Get to know yourself thoroughly (with or without help)

increase sex pleasure in bed

Knowing our own body is the first step to fully enjoy any sexual relationship, be it masturbating or as a couple. The better we get to know each other, the easier it will be to play that key that gives us goose bumps.

You can do it alone or with someone, and create a map of what you do (and also what you don’t) like to be done. Carias, for example, are an excellent playmate that tells us which areas give us the most sex pleasure.

Remember some of the erogenous zones that we already talked about and that are ideal for caressing, licking, touching or vibrating: the mouth, the neck, the inside of the elbows, the chest, the waist, the wrists … Each person experiences pleasure in different areas so if we want to increase our pleasure it is best that we learn what our body likes.

Explore, try and experiment, and avoid always falling into the temptation of the quick orgasm that clitoral suckers can give you. They are wonderful, yes, but if we focus only on placing it on the clitoris and giving it to the on, we will be missing a lot of pleasure along the way. Take time to touch and arouse yourself before going straight to orgasm.

Think of it as if you are working on R&D for your own pleasure and venture into new things whenever you feel comfortable, both alone and with your sexual partners. They can range from different sexual positions to practices that you never thought you could try. If you don’t like it, move on to something else, but who knows, you may just find a hidden pleasure that you didn’t even know existed. This certainly increase sex pleasure for both couple.

Experimenting with ice on your skin, giving yourself an erotic massage (or asking for one), playing with a feather … Although the pleasure is not limited to touch and you can use scents that are exciting to you in your “investigations”, music that puts you in tune or movies that ignite your desire. Give your body a full date and take time in every way.

Enjoy masturbating with different techniques, exploring every inch of your skin and remember that without penetration there is also pleasure. The female orgasm is not something that is exclusively achieved with penetration. In fact, according to this study from the University of New Jersey, 1% of women can reach orgasm only with the excitement of the nipples. And it is not the only erogenous part of the body.

You can look for other ideas to increase sex pleasure points on your body like the G or A point and even try to achieve a cervical orgasm by yourself. The key is to dedicate time to your own pleasure and give it the importance it deserves.

Wait to increase arousal and achieve more powerful orgasms

increase sex pleasure in bed

We tend to think that a sexual relationship is only satisfactory if you reach orgasm, but the pleasure is much more. According to sexologist Mamen Jiménez, “we forget that being excited is also enjoyment.” Yes, orgasm is cool. It is a high and a perfect closing, but the way to it is as interesting or more.
Techniques such as edging, which delay reaching that climax, are an open secret to increase the intensity of orgasms because “it is anticipation that makes your desire and sex pleasure increase.”

As Mamen explained to us, “by staying at a high peak of arousal it is more intense … and the more excited we are, the easier orgasm will come and the more powerful it will be.” The trick then is to go slowly and maximize arousal by lengthening the so-called “plateau” (a term established within the DEMOR system coined by the Masters & Johnson sexologists), the moment prior to orgasm.

The current of peaking or the so-called slow sex defends that position of enjoying slowly and unhurriedly caresses, kisses, full excitement and everything that surrounds sex and that escapes from that ending that in many occasions seems the only end. Techniques like karenzza, for example, focus only on that goal of maximizing arousal.

Fitness is important: working the pelvic floor improves orgasms

increase sex pleasure in bed

Although this year your New Year’s resolution is not to become a fit girl, you should know that exercise is one of those tips that improve the quality of your orgasms. Having a strong and fit pelvic floor not only helps us, for example, to have a better delivery or achieve better orgasms, it is also essential to avoid complications such as urine leakage or prolapse.

The way to strengthen it is to practice Kegel exercises, yoga or Pilates, or do hypopressive abdominals, all exercises that will help us to have a fit pelvic floor. If you have doubts, it is best to see a certified physiotherapist who will inform you of what exercises to do and how.

Learn to concentrate … to enjoy more

increase sex pleasure in bed

Once we know our body, the moment comes when we will focus on our pleasure. And by this, I mean mindfulness about our enjoyment. Nothing to think about the washing machine that I have to put in when I finish or the work that I have pending to do on Monday. And even less to think about “will I look fat in this position?” Or things like that.

This study confirms the relationship between cognitive distraction and women’s sexual functioning: the more distractions, the less pleasure, something that happens to both men and women according to a study published in the Archives of sexual behavior.

But zero dramas, the sexologist Mamen Jiménez already gave us the keys to avoid distractions in bed, such as focusing on our own sensations and increase sex pleasure; apply contextual control, that is, to control our environment to avoid distractions at the peak of the moment (no mobile phones, soft music, dim lights …) or practicing activities that facilitate our capacity for mindfulness, such as yoga.

Communicate to further increase sex pleasure

increase sex pleasure in bed

On many occasions we have assured you that communication is essential not only if you have a partner, but if you are having a sporadic relationship, and the explanation is very simple. Each person is a world and what you like may not please me, so if we want you to “hit it”, the best thing is to communicate (always) and explain what we like.

If we stop thinking that the person, we are with knows at all times and 100% what is happening in our body, we will discover a whole world of sensations. Guide him with love, respect and tenderness, to where you have already learned that you like to go.


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