10 tricks to take care of newborn baby

Since we don’t understand babies psychology, It is difficult to take care of newborn baby. When their children are born, fathers and mothers, especially when they are first-time, receive from their environment all kinds of advice on the care of babies, many of which hide false myths that should be clarified.

When a baby is born, all families receive endless recommendations – all of them well-meaning – from family, friends and acquaintances. However, they almost always hide myths or false beliefs that should be known to ignore them and do the best for your little one. Advice such as not to take it in your arms because it gets used to it, that the protrusion of the teeth causes a fever, or that breast milk is not feeding it if the child cries, are some of the most recurrent, but there are many more.

Unlike other times or less fortunate places, the living conditions of developed countries – food, hygiene, sanitary resources… – allow the vast majority of children to grow up in a healthy way, but concern for the health of the baby distresses fathers and mothers. And it is normal, because when the children arrive we discover with fear their vulnerability, and the help of others ends up often feeding the fear of their fragility. When in doubt, common sense will always be our best ally but, just in case, we will explain and disprove some of the most popular false myths that is considered while taking care of newborn baby:

Do not take him in your arms that he gets used to

Baby miths
Baby care

Babies are already accustomed to the mother’s body, which is where they have lived during the nine months of gestation. The baby needs physical contact, to feel safe, and to hold him in the arms not only has no contraindications, but it is necessary. Despite this, many family members, especially grandmothers and grandfathers, remain anchored in the belief that if we pick them up, then they will not want us to let them go. Nothing is further from reality; As the baby grows, little by little he will gain autonomy and will have a world to discover, which will draw his attention beyond our arms.

Has to sleep in the crib

sleep in the crib
sleep in the crib

Much has been written about how, how much and where babies should sleep. Just type into Google any matter related to the baby’s sleep and millions of entries will be displayed before us. It is usually a very recurring theme among fathers and mothers, and among everyone who likes to have an opinion. The truth is that there is no mandatory place for the baby to rest beyond that indicated by common sense and certain basic safety rules, such as that children under four months sleep in the same room as their parents, or that they do so on a clean, firm and limited surface.

Your milk does not feed him, that’s why he cries

tricks to take care of newborn baby
Milk feed

This is a widespread myth despite the amount of information currently available about breastfeeding. It is generally heard as a response to a moment of concern for a mother –especially if she is a first time- and with little experience with breastfeeding, either due to the low weight of the baby, or the frequent crying. But all maternal milk feeds, and there is no reason to think that weight or crying could be related to a poorly nutritious milk, but that there will be other associated problems. Or not, because many times they do not take on the weight we expect, or cry, it does not hide a real problem either.

It also happens that mothers who decide to continue breastfeeding from one year on, find this type of comment. Nutritionist Julio Basulto refers in these cases to a study by Mandel et al. Published in 2005, which indicates that human milk from mothers who have breastfed for more than a year has a significantly higher fat and energy content than that of women who have breastfed. breastfed for shorter periods. If you have doubts regarding breastfeeding, it is advisable to go to an association that supports breastfeeding, such as the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association, where you can find updated information.

If you cut his hair, it will grow stronger

Baby hair cuts
Baby hair

There is no scientific evidence that cutting a baby’s hair, or even shaving it, will make it grow healthier and stronger later. Nor is a higher volume achieved. It is common for that first hair to fall out during the first months. The Federation of Midwives collects in a care guide of the creatures during the first months of life that the hair that the newborn has usually falls out at three months. Shortly thereafter it stops growing, and falls off again, around eight to twelve weeks. “You will notice that the baby becomes a little bald in the nape area when he is two or three months old, and although many moms attribute it to spending a lot of time with their head resting on the crib or the stroller, it is actually something that it happens naturally. There is no need to worry, as new hair will grow ”, they point out.

If you give him cereal, he will sleep through the night

Baby feeding
Baby feeding

Another common recommendation is to offer the baby cereal at night to get him to sleep more. The truth about this is that nocturnal awakenings will continue to happen, because the sleep rhythms of a baby are very different from those of an adult. In the late 1980s, a study looked at the sleep of 106 children between the ages of five weeks and four months. They divided them into two groups: babies who ate cereal before bed, and babies who did not. The result? There was no statistically significant trend for one group compared to another to have a higher proportion of hours of continuous sleep.

If you breastfeed, you cannot take any medicine

Medicine for baby

It is an ingrained belief not only in the family or social environment, but also among health professionals themselves. But it is totally false. During breastfeeding, the mother is likely to become ill at some point, or even suffer from a chronic disease – prior to pregnancy or not. Therefore, it may happen that you need to follow a drug treatment, or have to undergo a surgical intervention. The vast majority of interventions or medications are compatible with breastfeeding. The different portal, promoted by pediatricians and pharmacists specialized in breastfeeding, offers a huge database through which anyone who wishes, and completely free of charge, can check the compatibility of breastfeeding with medications, as well as other substances.

Teeth eruption causes fever

Teeth eruption causes fever
Teeth eruption

Perhaps she is the queen of popular beliefs. There is no parent who has not heard this statement at some point from practically birth to around a year, a year and a half. The fever, considered this from 38 degrees Celsius of temperature, appears when there is an infection behind. The eruption of the teeth must be understood, in any case, as an inflammatory process that can cause discomfort, but not fever. From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics they insist that symptoms such as high fever, malaise, diarrhea or vomiting should not be attributed to teething, because we could be failing to treat an important disease.

Babies need to go to daycare

Baby day care
Baby day care

The frenetic pace of Western societies, as well as the absence of conciliation measures, push families to have to use nursery schools or nests from the four months of life of their children. Beyond a logistical issue, either due to the absence of social policies, or any other personal preference, there is no reason why a baby or child needs to go to daycare. Their own environment, the park, the street, or even the market in which we do the shopping, is a constant learning opportunity for socialization. Some people also think that if they don’t go to nursery, those babies won’t talk., will walk, or start to play, when it touches. It is also not true. The evolutionary development of each child is not marked by contact with other equals in a nursery, but by the evolution of their own abilities.

In fact, as the pediatrician has pointed out on several occasions , “pediatricians recommend that children not go to school before the age of two”. This recommendation starts, among others, from a health reason: children who attend a nursery are twice as likely to fall ill as a child who does not attend these centers. On whether going through so many viral or bacterial processes immunizes them, pediatricians are very clear: immunity does not develop fully until two or three years of age, and there is no evidence that these processes accelerate this development, or influence it in any way. way into them.

You don’t have to wake up all night

tricks to take care of newborn baby, baby sleeping
Babies sleeping

Whoever said that “sleeping like a baby” really did not know how babies sleep. The sleeping pattern of babies and young children has little to do with that of adults: they tend to wake up many times. The Valencian psychologist Alberto Soler insists in an article published on his website that there is great variability, depending on the child, with respect to when they start to sleep all at once. “Some children before and others after, but many will begin to wake up less after the year, and from the age of three there will be more and more nights that they will do without waking up, although some nocturnal awakenings are still normal until they are five or six years old”, he points out.

You must give him a bottle with infusions for gases

Baby miths

It is still very common to find the myth that if a baby cries it is because he has gas, and that to alleviate it you have to give him an infusion. Error. First of all, herbal teas contain active ingredients that can be harmful to the baby’s health. In addition, babies under six months should not drink anything else – not even water – than breast milk or, failing that, artificial milk if breastfeeding was not possible.

If it has passed six months and has started complementary feeding, it is not advisable to give any type of infusion, not even special infusion preparations for babies because, in addition to being unnecessary, they contain huge amounts of sugar, so they basically consist of sugar water, which in addition to being harmful, displaces the consumption of real food.

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